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In diabetes, smoking is much more harmful than alcohol. Tobacco contains many harmful substances such as tar, carcinogenic nicotine, and carbon monoxide. Especially, when diabetics smoke, they block oxygen to the body, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, miscarriage and stillbirth, increase cholesterol, and increase the incidence of nerve and kidney complications. Damage to the peripheral blood vessels can lead to ulceration and inflammation of the feet, and to raise blood glucose and blood pressure.
Fill the syringe with the required number of insulin units for 3 to 5 days, insert them into the pump, and connect them to the abdomen through 3 injection sets. After 3 to 5 days, replace syringes and 3 injectors and wear them again. At this time, the pump body is stored outside the body through various cases.
The insulin pump is a therapeutic device that requires a specialist's prescription. You can purchase the pump only in SHINMYUNG MEDIYES. You must wear the pump in the hospital with the required training and the number of insulin units.
The life of the insulin pump is semi-permanent, and the purchase of necessary consumables and AS can be done by Mediyes Co & local agents.
Using an insulin pump is intended for use by the patient's state of glycemic control and the need for control. Therefore, anyone with diabetes who wants to control their blood glucose can use it..
① Wash your hands with warm water. (Alcohol sterilizes with a cotton ball.)
② Shake your hands two or three times under the heart and dry them. Collect blood with your fingertips.
(Don't blow it with your mouth to dry it, as it can get back invisible ingredients like saliva.)
③ Set the blood collection area, but set the sides slightly diagonally rather than the center of the finger. That part is less painful and is good for blood collection.
(Take your blood with your fingers. If you concentrate on one finger, the pain will be severe and if you repeat it for a long time, you will get calluses and blood will not come out.)
④ Swipe lightly from the arm to the tip of the finger to collect the blood and finally collect the blood according to the method of use.
(Do not unknowingly lift your finger off the needle at the moment of stabbing)
⑤ Drop the blood according to the usage of your blood glucose.
In general, insulin is divided into fast-acting, super fast-acting, intermediate and mixed insulins. The insulin used in the insulin pump is super fast-acting insulin.
Is caused by low battery. Replace the batteries with new ones.
- Even if a new one is not used for a long time after purchase, natural discharge may occur.
1) Please follow the steps below.
Remove the needle from the body → Combine the infusion set while it is removed → Syringe replacement and additional injection without wearing → No abnormality of infusion set when insulin is secreted → Injection to other sites
[Insulin does not come out → Follow the syringe replacement guide to change the syringe]

2) Please check the following.
① Replacement cycle of syringe (injection set): 3-4 days or more replacement cycle?
② Do you have a lot of injection capacity?
③ Do you lock the syringe cap?
1) Check if it is paused.
2) If it is not paused, go to the Basic Menu and check if the settings are correct.
Replace the battery after checking the battery replacement date. (Depending on the case, it is about 4 weeks.)
If you continue to have the same problem, please contact your dealer for action.
Make sure the time setting is correct. correct time will work correctly.
① Go to Information → Date and check the current time and time displayed on the machine.
② Morning: 3 am-10 am / Lunch: 10 am-15 pm / Evening: 15 pm-3 am
If you press injection once more after injection, it is set to not be injected again.(Meal, no additional injection)
If you continue to have the same problem, please contact your dealer for action.