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How to Treat Diabetes

Diabetes How to Treat Diabetes
How to Treat Diabetes
Therapy of Diabetes
To cure diabetes:
Solve the problem of the pancreas and ensure that insulin is released normally. Although various attempts have been made through the development of science and technology, there has been no way to cure diabetes at this time.

Current diabetes treatment is mostly to maintain high blood glucose levels at normal level. This includes taking medicine, taking insulin, eating proper meals and exercising. In other words, diabetes is considered a management disease rather than a treatment disease.

Nevertheless, you may have heard that some people have cured their diabetes only by eating or exercising without any treatments or some special folk therapy. This is called as an remission phenomenon. When blood glucose is maintained for a long time through strict blood glucose control, blood glucose can be maintained in a normal range without any other medication.
What is the difference between remission and cure?
The remission phenomenon can be said to be a state of no medication related to diabetes, but diet and exercise therapy should be continued. It is also accepted as a temporary phenomenon that usually requires medication again after a certain period of time.

Remission is good for diabetics because it is evidence of strict blood sugar control, however, continuous self-care efforts of diabetics are necessary to maintain.